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Voted for Trump? You will have had a hand in many more deaths like Katherine’s



Does that sound harsh? Harsh is waking up to the news that decades of work by scientists, activists, and environmental groups to ban the chemical that killed your daughter has been undone in one moment by an imbecile with no respect for truth or evidence, people or planet. If you voted for Trump and didn’t see this coming, you didn’t do your homework. Climate Change Denier and Head of the Trump EPA Scott Pruitt ignored his own scientists’ recommendations to ban chlorpyrifos, linked for decades to childhood cancer and significant neurocognitive impacts, and instead kowtowed to its producer, Dow Chemical. Children are constantly exposed to this chemical through food residues, contaminated drinking water, and pesticide drift from farm fields. Katherine was poisoned by mosquito spray, an application still permitted under current law, without permission or notification of residents. There are decades of evidence of chlorpyrifos’s acute and chronic toxicity, beginning with Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring — in 1962! Not banning this chemical sooner has meant the death of my beloved first-born child and countless others. There is not a person reading this who can protect their loved ones from exposures like this, regardless of income level and privilege. Once released into the environment, organophosphates like chlorpyrifos can drift and cause untold damage. Once brought inside through pesticide drift, mosquito application, or contamination on shoes, chlorpyrifos takes months to break down. And this is only one such pesticide and one such environmental threat. If Trump’s proposed 31% cut to the EPA passes, expect increases in childhood asthma, ADHD, autism, auto-immune disease, cancer, and more. Gone are our clean water and air.  Sadly, any government website, including the EPA and CDC, can no longer be trusted, and data is being deleted daily. Climate Change? Forfeiting the meager gains of the Paris Agreement will mean hundreds of thousands of additional deaths in coming years. It is no exaggeration at all to say that the future of civilization is under threat.

Abraham Lincoln once said “What is morally wrong cannot be politically correct.” He also reportedly said “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” This is the time for speaking out, for vehemence, even for truculence. Any friend I lose for posting the truth about the death of children, including my own, is well lost. Did you vote for Trump? It is not too late to oppose him — in the name of dead children, past and future, and the dead planet towards which we are tending.

Contact Scott Pruitt – Head of the EPA
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/EPA
Twitter: @EPAScottPruitt
Scott Pruitt – Head of the EPA – has decided to ignore the science and the recommendation of his own agency and has chosen not to ban a widely used but seriously harmful insecticide. Contact him to tell him this is not acceptable.
Thanks to Jen Breese for this suggestion.



  1. […] Voted for Trump? You will have had a hand in many more deaths like Katherine’s […]

  2. […] Voted for Trump? You will have had a hand in many more deaths like Katherine’s […]

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