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Organic Lawn Care: Midwest Grows Green


You, too, can have a beautiful organic lawn with handy tips from Midwest Grows Green:


#TakeAction in your own lawn

Build a lawn ready to last the summer with tips from our Natural Lawn Calendar:

  • Fertilize the 1st-15th of the month
  • Look for signs of weed, disease, or pest problems – address underlying soil  or turf health issues

Visit MPAC resources for more natural lawn tips.

#TakeAction in your community

In a unanimous vote this June, the Municipal Water Reclamation District (MWRD) of Greater Chicago passed a policy to reduce its herbicide use by 92 percent. MWRD Commissioner Frank Avila consulted with MPAC and MGG to eliminate synthetic herbicide use in turf landscapes, shrub beds, and paved areas. Read more about the collaboration here.

#TakeAction Midwest-wide

100 pledges…one hundred engaged natural lawn care activists now back your commitment to this MGG effort! Your overwhelming support these first three months helped us make headway to achieving 10 pesticide free parks by the end of 2016. For that we thank you and look forward to your continued support in recruiting 200 pledges!


Read more about caring for your lawn organically at http://midwestpesticideaction.org/



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