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Pledge to Support Healthy Lawns


I cannot say enough good about Midwest Pesticide Action Center: not only do they campaign for healthy lawns and homes — they also provide top-notch resources for doing so. They are gathering grass-roots (pun intended) support for changing the culture about lawn chemicals: such poisons are not worth our children’s health — or our own. MPAC was  instrumental in helping switch the City of Warrenville and Benedictine University over to Healthy Lawns (minus the athletic fields), and they can help in your community too.

Sign the pledge at http://midwestpesticideaction.org/midwest-grows-green/community-engagement/take-the-pledge/

Here’s what they have to say about the pledge:

More and more, MPAC receives your concerns about reducing the use of potentially harmful gardening and lawn care chemicals in our lawns, parks, and other public places. We want to turn your concerns into action by creating a community of informed citizens ready to organize and advocate for more natural lawn care practices at home and Midwest-wide.

But we need your help! By taking this Midwest Grows Green (MGG) pledge, you join an online, engaged network of citizen activists prepared to eliminate synthetic chemical use on your own lawn and/or garden and at all locations where children, pets, and wildlife live and play. Will you join us?

Your commitment today gives you access to natural lawn care resources, advocacy support, and event updates from our monthly newsletter and adds your name to the larger MGG effort as we recruit more
pesticide-free parks, point-of-purchase retailers, and pledges.


Read more about why you should opt for a healthy lawn, how to maintain a healthy lawn, and the pledge at http://midwestpesticideaction.org/midwest-grows-green/community-engagement/take-the-pledge/


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