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Half the Oil


Half the Oil

First we have to imagine a better future — then we can build it.  Union of Concerned Scientists is not the only organization dreaming big.  This Scientific American article details a plan to be *completely* wind, water, and solar by 2030, worldwide: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=a-path-to-sustainable-energy-by-2030.  Subsequent articles by the authors published in professional journals find that the cost would not be greater than our current system, even though they do not fully calculate the externalized costs of the way we do things now.  And how can you put a price on the lives of children?  The only obstacles to such plans, they find, are social.  If we can go to the moon, win WW II, and create the highway system, we can invent and build a new, clean infrastructure that will liberate us from oil dependency and the pollution and death that come with it.  My chemical engineer husband, employed at a major oil company, feels the same way.  Clean energy is the future; fossil fuels are for the dark ages.


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